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Photo a Day: February 01.03.

I took a photo every day in February, according to her challenge. This was a busy month! We moved our record store from a 900 square foot space to 1571 square feet – a sprawling wonderland of vinyl! So here’s the past month in phonetographs!

my view for the day, words (Nobunny’s set list when he played our store), hands, a stranger

10am, dinner, button, sun

front door, self portrait, makes me happy, inside my closet (wardrobe)

blue, heart, phone, something new (our record store’s new location!)

time, drink, something I hate to do, handwriting

a favorite photo of me, where I work (one place, White Rabbit Studios), my shoes, inside my bathroom cabinet

green, night, something I ate (Andy is a master at cooking okra!), money

…and finally, something I’m listening to

And here’s the month of January!


Nicole Dinger 01.03.

Hi Ash! Love all your photos! Looking good! Miss you.