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Photo a Day: March 2012 03.04.

I took a photo every day in March, according to her challenge. March came with a lot of birthday celebrations (Ben, me, Ashley, Nichole, Natasha, Ellis, Jasper). I also witnessed (and captured) the wedding of one of my BFF’s, Kim! We spent an awesome weekend down in Mobile and it was so great to see some of my favorite people that I only see once a year. I need to remedy that. Anyway, here was March!

up, fruit, neighborhood, bedside

a smile (x2! bonus points?), 5pm, something I wore, a window

red, loud, someone I talked to (David and Ellis), a fork

a sign, cloud, car, sunglasses

green, a corner of my home, something funny (Andy said: “I’m not trying to sex you up (unless you want me to) I just wanna listen to some Otis”), before/after (yay for the record wall!)

delicious (a falafel!), kitchen sink, moon, an animal (Porchie)

breakfast, key, your name, trash

feet, toy, and where I relax

And here’s the month of January, February!