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Photo a Day: May 2012 01.06.

HELLO JUNE! I know I have said this every month, but seriously – where has the time gone?! It’s JUNE already?! We’re half way through our last year on Earth! jk? Anyway, May. May was lots of fun! Andy and I celebrated our sixth year of marriage, shot our first wedding together (IT WAS A BLAST!), had a wonderful retreat, threw a fun show, and hung out in truck pools.

I took a photo every day in May, according to her challenge.

peace, skyline (Mexico style), something I wore, fun (that’s the groom jumping into the river)!

bird (love birds!), me, someone who inspires me (Andy!), a smell I adore (Indian food)

something I do everyday (blog), a favorite word, kitchen, something that makes me happy

mum, grass, love (days off…kitties, long walks, yoga), something you read

snack, something I made (a playlist for Spark magazine!), a favorite place, something I can’t live without

where I stand (kitchen, during storms), pink, technology, something new (my tank top!)

unusual (lol), 12pm, something sweet, the weather

a number, my personality (???)

something beautiful (Dustin’s strawberries from the farmer’s market)!

And here are the months of January, February, March, April!