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Rejuvination 15.05.

It’s pretty exciting when friends contact me to capture their wedding, birth, family, or what have you. With someone I know there’s always magic with the camera. When a stranger invites me into their lives it’s surreal. A couple of weekends ago Andy and I met some of the most incredibly warm people. First, I need to exclaim how incredibly wonderful it was having my husband as a second shooter. Before, I wasn’t really into the idea of traveling for weddings often, but Andy and I had a blast together at Case and Lindsay’s wedding weekend.

The wedding took place at Terrapin Creek Lodge, near Piedmont, Alabama. It was a little over 2 hours away, but the route went through lots of old, historic Alabama towns. It was a very pleasant drive! We left Huntsville around noon and rolled into the campsite just in time to get a tour with the videographers (also a husband and wife team – Kinora Films). There were cute little sleeping cabins (which we got to ourselves – yay!), a gorgeously decorated Lodge and outdoor area, and lots of trees nestled creekside among the Appalachian Mountains.

After unpacking the car, we pulled out our cameras and headed to the party. Apparently, Case, Lindsay, and their friends had been camping for a few days already. So swinging off a ledge into the creek was all part of a day’s fun! We spent the afternoon laughing and meeting new friends. As the evening approached, a lot of the family made it to the campsite in time for rehearsal, dinner, and sweet toasts. The night ended with a giant group hug – it was beautiful!

The wedding day (Cinco de Mayo) was rejuvenating. I’m not sure exactly how to describe it except for everything felt so completely right. Even though the day was long, I still managed to wake up at 5am on Sunday morning. We ended up leaving early to ensure I’d be back in town with enough time to prepare for a wedding that afternoon.

I’m still working on the blog post of the “real” wedding photos, but you can bet I instagrammed the hell out of the weekend! Here’s proof:

soundtracks for the drive and scenes from the car

the last shot is of our cabin! we pushed the beds together hehe

that’s the GROOM mid-air!

some of the flowers and fun favors!

Lindsay’s dad MADE this light display!

Sunday morning sunrise