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Photo a Day: September 2012 13.10.

September was busy with a lot of miscellaneous White Rabbit Studios work, but it was still fun nonetheless! Andy celebrated his 31st birthday (at our favorite Mexican restaurant) and we hosted NOBUNNY in our store (SUCH a great show)! We also got to see THEE OH SEES in Nashville! It was an incredible show and they played for over an hour…and we were right up front by the stage. It was perfect! Somehow life continues to be awesome and we got a second beach trip this year to document the awesome wedding of our dear friends, Kristen and Brad. September was rad!

me, father (I was on the phone with him talking about if what we were seeing was a tornado), far away, mailbox

bright, everyday, natural, night

most weekends (the fair is not in town), b/w, hero (???), together

table, favorite (clean sheets!), first thing I see, strange

in my fridge, price, underneath, man-made

sometimes, up, before bedtime, 3 things (more like thee things…as in THEE OH SEES)!

frame (Tiny’s framed up in the window), near (this guy used to not let us get close to him), love/hate (love these SO much that I hate to give them away), a good thing (BEACH!)

errand, me

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