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Photo a Day: October 2012 26.12.

I’ll be honest, in October I kinda got lazy with this whole project. I still took a lot of photos, just kinda stopped paying attention to the list. It was fun going back through and seeing if I can match up a photo somewhat to the description – and some of them accidentally worked perfectly! October was another FABULOUS month for photography! I shot a darling mini session of sorts with Madeline at Finery. Both weddings I had that month landed me coverage in magazines and blogs and a ton of new “favorites” for my portfolio slideshow. I can’t thank the couples that choose me enough – it’s absolutely incredible to call this my job.

where I stood, lunchtime, something that happened, what I read

shadow, thankful, light, angle

red, emotion, close up, on the table

landscape, makes me laugh, dinnertime, something I wrote

fruit, makes me smile, letters, 4 o’clock

calm, in my town, the view, weather

people, listening to, morning, looking back

moon, clothes, whatever I please

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