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2015 Hopefulutions 05.01.

2014 was mind-boggling! I saw parts of the world I’ve only DREAMED about – Hawaii and Italy! I photographed some of the most beautiful weddings and shared so many heartfelt moments with sweet souls! It was a pretty big year for growth – emotionally and professionally – and I’m absolutely thrilled to see what 2015 has in store! I personally love setting goals (large and small), so these lists are always fun for me to do! Here’s what I have my fingers crossed for (and commentary on last year’s hopefulutions).

2014 Resolutions

2013 Resolutions (with commentary)

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2014 Year in Review 04.01.

Jan 14

kitties, new chairs, film scans from my Diana camera

our Christmas gift from Third Man Records

Birmingham trip with friends!

kitties and Paul Collins Beat at Coppertop

Five Points and Pho

Coco, Hi-Fi prep, Lowe Mill sunset, and new (to me) film cameras



Feb 14

Tea of the Month Club, new shoes, Kid A, The Nook

PASSPORTS ARRIVED, new (to me) film camera, Lowe Mill, delicious nectar


kitties, Valentine’s Day, and sunset walks

kitty butts, estate sale wallpaper, and crocuses – first sign of Spring!

Nashville for Nobunny!



Mar 14


friends, hikes, snorkeling, a birthday sunrise, and other pure magic in Kauai – on film – on phone

did a Know Huntsville interview!

estate sale wallpapers and the arrival of Spring!

Spring cleaning!

North wing of Lowe Mill before expansion!


scrapbooking Kauai and getting ready for the next adventure


HOLY MOLY ITALY!!! So lovely – both on film and on my phone!



Apr 14

estate sale patterns and hopeful spaces!

the last opening game of the Huntsville Stars!

tidbits from No’Ala photo shoots in Florence for their music issue


a new (to me) friend and the start of the Concerts on the Back Dock



May 14

first moments of May

Five Points, records, and Tiny

Southern Accents trip!

recent views

camped for our 8th wedding anniversary!

framing adventures my grandmother captured

the start of summer…my favorite time!



Jun 14

patios, catmint, lavender

HSV, estate sales, summer storms, rocket city yoga week!

pool parties and Pookie cuts!

mermaid hair!

summer snaps


archiving old photos

neighborhood walks

Straight to Ale and firework fun

Cathedral Caverns



Jul 14

1818 Farms


summer shows and brews


Flea Land

summer lovin’



Aug 14

house stuffs

sunset float on the Flint

August Adventures

boiler room exploration

flint river fun

Dog Days of Summer



Sep 14

the start of Sept

fabulous farmhouse dinner



Oct 14

October oddities

photographed a TREEHOUSE WEDDING and explored ATL




Nov 14


Tannehill State Park

Wreckless Eric at Yellowhammer Brewing!

November moments



Dec 14

DJed the Pop Up Art Show #crashxr

december dawdles



Happy Holidays and I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year!

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December Dawdles 26.12.

Tea parties, kitties, cookie party, beer, chili cook off!

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Pop Up Art Show 06.12.

The first weekend of December – crazy how this year has flown!! Lowe Mill created another Pop UP Art show in the old Crossroads music hall downtown. Andy and I DJed the event again this year – it always such a fun night! Here are a selection of snaps from my phone!

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The End of November 26.11.

Here’s a collection of miscellaneous adventures in November! Beautiful scenery, cats, drinks, JONATHAN RICHMAN (again, November wins with shows), and tidbits from an INCREDIBLE styled shoot I was lucky to capture at Hardy Chambers Farmhouse! You can see the film images here!

Beautiful Jones Valley

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Wreckless Eric at Yellowhammer Brewery 08.11.

Man, November was a GREAT month for music! Reigning Sound in Nashville and then Wreckless Eric at our very own Yellowhammer! Wahoo! Everyone got hammered, sang along, “danced”, took selfies with Eric, and ended up taking the shit show downtown. It was SO much fun! Can’t wait to see what Yellowhammer and Straight to Ale do with their new space!

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Tannehill State Park 05.11.

This is a tiny post to just exclaim how awesome Tannehill State Park is! I had an awesome engagement session there (see film photos here) one lovely Fall afternoon! I had never been there, but it’s so pretty! I’m hoping to return one day and be able to explore the entire property – here are just a few snaps while I was “scouting” before my clients arrived.


Amber and Jordan brought their sweet kitty to their engagement session – first time having a cat at the shoot! MORE PLEASE!

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Reigning Sound in Nashville 02.11.

Dreams came true one beautiful night in November in Nashville – Andy and I FINALLY got to see Reigning Sound live! Not only were we in the same vicinity as one of my favorite bands, but we were front row, almost dead center. I cried a couple of times during the set (I’m emotional), we shook hands with them afterwards, and even had a nice convo about our record shop – with the hopes that maaaaaaybe one day they will come through and play! I was on cloud nine the entire time! We spent a couple of days in Nashville and got a chance to really explore the Music City! It was an awesome weekend!

beer stop and Timmy’s Organism at Foo Bar Too (this was a bonus show that we found out when we got to town)

Mr. Meow, the resident cat at our super cute Airbnb!


inside our super cute Airbnb rental!

Exploring Nashville

we took the scenic route home!

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Pizza Party Massacre 31.10.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I was stoked to play Tiara Twinkles in the Pizza Party Massacre show at Lowe Mill this year! It’s a macabre version of an animatronic (a la Show Biz style) show. It was an absolute blast to in – even with the tight masks and odd costumes. The set and costumes were made from mostly some sort of foam core, but it was absolutely insane to see it all come together! We had three weekends of performances (three shows a night) and a great crowd at every one! I can’t wait to see what madness Matt comes up with for 2015!

so sad that it’s over!

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ATL 29.10.

I had the WONDERFUL privilege of photographing dear friends tie the knot in a TREEHOUSE in the middle of downtown Atlanta! It was truly remarkable and an absolute dream! You can check out the full wedding on film here – below are the instasnaps from our quick outing in Atlanta!

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