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Halloween Extravaganza! 02.11.


Crash Boom Bang’s So You Wanna Be a Slasher was quite the show. Halloween night we had over 80 people come through and last night around 50. The first weekend was about 40 combined, so it was exciting that so many people came out to support! It was really hard to promote the show to where people didn’t think we were running around with chainsaws trying to scare the crap out of people. To promote it so that it was a comedic performance with Haunted House elements…and blood.

I have never gotten so beat up from a show. I have bruises that wrap around each wrist from being tapped together so often as well as bruises and scrapes (including a SUPER sore one on my shoulder) along my right arm. I had to slam myself into a gate as if trying to escape while my arms were bound behind my back…and I always used my right arm. During one performance, my dress got caught underneath me and I fell to my knees on the concrete ground while S.D. Stubidge (Matt) was wrestling with me. Although I beat myself up a bit, I had to slap Matt in the show, and none of those were fake…and he claims I hit pretty hard. Sorry Matt! My body took a bit longer to wake up this morning, but a hot bath helped sooth the aches. All in all, it was totally worth it. It’s also amusing that I don’t have hair on my wrists from the tape being ripped off so many times.

After last night’s show, The Counterclock Wise ended the evening with a fun dance party in the red curtained room. We didn’t get home until 2am (3am before DST) and after scrubbing the dirty sludge that my legs gathered from running barefoot on the mill floors, I didn’t get to bed until an hour later.

It’s always such an odd feeling after a show and transitioning into the next. This time it’s happening pretty quick as we have a Skits and Giggles show already booked for the end of November. ONWARD!

Andy walked through the Slasher Seminar to snap some photos of the actual live performances. He also walked through with our video camera, but Google Video is being a bitch right now, so that will have come later.

Screaming Jenny (me) is silenced…for now.

S.D. Stubidge introduces his first group of victims

“shut the fuck up”

Dumb kid 1, 2, and 3 dead? Check!

Harvey Peckenpah’s dirty mind was cleansed with S.D. Stubidge’s Tragic Eraser

S.D. has the clowns he captured demonstrate his Chinese Finger Trap FOR HEADS!!

S.D. demonstrates his Plastic Bag FOR HEADS and the Jack-in-the-Box FOR HEADS!!

Chuck Wagon tries to explain why he ate all of the Everlasting Gobstabbers, but is interrupted when they erupt in his intestines

Chuck Wagon’s last breath

I am waiting in between groups for my cue to hide in the box

Welcome to DEMENTIA…a place in which all funky things come. Would you like to come?

“My parting gift to you”

S.D. Stubidge presents the audience with their parting gift, Screaming Jenny

Stubidge tries to calm Jenny after she tries to escape

Stubidge tries to calm Jenny after she tries to escape

S.D. talks with Jenny while her husband, Steve, dances in the background (he’s the victim for the blood fountain)

::smack:: Jenny retaliates after Stubidge unties her (insert apology to Matt again)

S.D. Stubidge tells Jenny to pick Door #1 and to run like hell