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Southern Bride Fashion Shoot (behind the scenes) & King Tuff 01.08.

The second week of July was one of the most exhilarating ever. Andy and I started the week in Gorham’s Bluff to photograph the fashion spread for Southern Bride’s Winter/Spring issue coming out. It was absolutely incredible! We had one of the bridal suites in the main lodge, the food was delicious, and I was in absolute heaven shooting such fabulous dresses. Everyone was so kind, and such a pleasure to work with! It was great to put a face and personality behind some of the folks I had been in contact with, and all of the new folks we met were SO warm and welcoming!

After a few days of shooting, Andy and I had a chance to drop off our luggage and cameras before heading to Nashville for an UH-MAZING show: King Tuff and Natural Child. I thought I would be totally exhausted by the time the bands started, but as soon as the guitar was strummed I had an instant rush!

Tiny helping us pack!

on the road, pit stop for lunch…at the restaurant we went to on our first “date, not date”

arriving at our lodging, our room, our view!

Ready for Day One

Ready for Day Two

not gonna lie…being on that 10 foot ladder was a bit nerve wracking…but the shot is incredible

super duper sneak peek picture of a screen…wish I could share more!




Kristina Juarbe 26.12.

Congratulations on the shoot! Saw the images and they are gorgeous!!!

Ashley 26.12.

thanks darling!! 🙂

Eva 18.02.

Who designed that pink wedding dress? It’s stunning!

Ashley 21.02.

I believe it was designed by Vera Wang! 🙂 it was my favorite!!