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Porcharitas’ “Pillow Fight” Music Video 20.06.

I was blown away when J.D. asked if we wanted to shoot a Porcharitas music video! After seeing how rad the Really Loud Hamburgers video came out (and all of the other projects I’ve worked with hi on), how could we refuse?! It was a wonderful collaboration between so many of our friends. I am constantly amazed at how talented my peers are, and it’s always so inspiring!

We met a couple of times with story board ideas, came up with a basic outline, and then came the fun! Dustin drew all of the props, furniture, and posters – basically EVERYTHING. J.D. had them enlarged and printed, and we all spent the few days before the shoot cutting, pasting, building, and dressing the set. It was an absolute blast shooting the video, and super exciting to have our friends involved in one GIANT pillow fight! There was a feather cannon and everything!

You can see the full set of photos (thanks to Andy and Dustin who shot when I couldn’t) here. Below are some of my personal favorites!

…and here are some of the instagrams from the shoot!