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Reflection 16.05.

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on the past to see how I got where I am, and how I can use this for the future. I can honestly say I never thought life would be as it is. No complaints, whatsoever – opposite actually. Andy and I are approaching our six year wedding anniversary, and it literally has gotten better every year since meeting him (so technically 8 years). I can only imagine what it’s like when we are celebrating our 15th…our 30th…our 100th! lol, I can hope right!

I’ve never met someone I can work and play with in such harmony. We have successfully opened a record store, and Andy is now my second shooter at White Rabbit Studios. It’s incredible being able to have such a companion in life. Because we are so sappy and in love we have made sure our lifestyle remains positive, happy, and respectful of each other.

Which brings me to the discussion of our jobs. When I was working on-site selling new construction a couple of years ago, I was completely miserable. With the outlook of a nice paycheck, I was lured into the promise of success. I love real estate, but that was a quick way for me to stat loathing work. One of the best decisions I ever made was telling my Broker I no longer wanted to do that. I now enjoy real estate again because I’m working with just my friends.

Over the past couple of years it seemed like photography was starting to go in that direction. In between shooting some of my friends’ amazing weddings, it was as if there was a “bottom line” that needed to be met. There was almost an invisible force of pressure to book everything and anything. Slowly, I felt the art and craft becoming lost among the full schedule and intense processing, managing, and running of a business. Things are now shifting as White Rabbit Studios is now solely my operation. I look forward to re-inviting my goals and aspirations for the future. I am excited to get back to the root of why I wanted to start this venture in the first place. The OCD side of me is giddy to have full control over all of the nit-picking aspects of running a business and how to visually represent myself.

In the shower this morning I realized I’m still on track for my “WRS 5 year plan”, which will hopefully completely come to fruition in 2014. I want to keep this part under wraps still in fear of jinxing myself. I’m slowly but surely investing my heart into it, and hope to perfect the idea over the next year. Even though I’m the type that wants to see immediate progression, I know that things take time. Love, success, and happiness were not always prevalent in my life…but with time, they all presented themselves and I hope are here to stay.

Here’s to new beginnings for the future and reflections of the past! May you always have luck and love on your side! Cheers!