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Alabama As Fuck! 01.05.

Last Sunday started out wonderfully with a walk downtown to visit some friends for an afternoon drink. Innocent enough right? Well, that’s just the beginning. I ended the night (around 11pm) seeing double and feeling like I was on a moving sidewalk. But lemme tell you – the entire day was a BLAST! I loved the spontaneousness of it all and I’ve never been so proud to be in Alabama with some of my favorite folks.

a lovely walk and smiling (sober) faces…and the start of Sunday!

Disney sing-a-longs, silly ‘staches (couldn’t get enough of that thing!), and FRANDS at golden hour!

oh you know…just hanging out in a ditch tunnel!…


the most delicious grilled cheese my drunk ass has ever had…and the most disturbing photo of me ever* (but it sums it all up).

As you can imagine after seeing that last image, the next day was not so hot. Not as bad as I thought (I had never seen double before and was so afraid that would be bad news in the morning). However, after a nap or two I was Sober Sally and enjoyed all of the shenanigans at a show on Monday night. All in all, I can tell Summer is here. The fun never stops!

*Those crazy bruises are from when I play tambourine on my leg so I can also play keys. I got the beat(?)

PS: Here are some shots from Monday night porch time beforehand at Nico’s and a couple of Circuit Pop performing!