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Mobile, Alabama! Kim’s Wedding! Fun! Friends! 03.04.

We left early Thursday morning and made it to Mobile by 2pm. I got to hug Dana, Kelly, and Joel before making my way to the rehearsal for Kim’s wedding! After that we headed to the original Wintzell’s Oyster House and had a wonderful dinner. Kim joined us all for drinks afterwards and we spent most of the night out with friends. It was loads of fun!

The next day was Kim and Kyle’s wedding! I met Kim at the gorgeous venue in the afternoon. The wedding was a 4pm and dinner and reception followed. The party went on until about 9pm when we re-located it to our hotel room. Grapes were thrown, memories were rehashed, and silliness ensued!

After a good night’s sleep, Saturday was nice. It was an obligation-free day so after dining at the oldest restaurant in Mobile (and saying goodbye to Alicia and Brandon), Andy and I broke away from the group a bit to scout a record store, Bay Sounds. After finding some vinyl gems, we met up with Dana, Kelly and Joel at the hotel pool. They were playing a drinking game to Harry Potter cards in the mindset of Waterfall. It was hilarious and fun!

Sunday morning we woke up early and made it home in great time. I tend to put the pedal to the metal when I want to get home. It was nice having the afternoon to unpack and relax. Of course we missed our pets, but I gotta admit…it was nice having a vacation away from them.