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How to Move a Record Store in Three Days 19.02.

After three days of heavy lifting and hard work we successfully moved our store to it’s newer (and bigger!) location! When we first started the store (almost FIVE years ago y’all!), we had under 500 LPs. Now Vertical House is home is over 20,000 LPs/45s/78s, and hundreds of CDs, DVDs, and comic books. While we are still getting the last bit arranged (including re-building our counter that Dustin had to take apart to get downstairs), all of the records are in order and able to be perused. This was an extraordinary feat and we couldn’t have done it without the help of friends. To all of the wonderful souls that helped us moved, to the ones that cooked us food or brought us beverages, even to the folks that dropped in with encouraging words and congratulations! We even had friends who couldn’t be there with us sending us happy thoughts. Your sweet actions will not go unnoticed and we can’t thank you all enough for your love and support!

our new address and store-front window!

the last complete photo of the record wall and our store before we began the move

moving out progress

the thing I’ll miss most: these windows

everything piled (and somewhat arranged) in the new space!

celebratory music, champagne, and veggie lasagna!