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Vinyl Virginity (*POP*) 22.01.

There it is. A summer’s joke turned into a tangible possession. If you are unaware, a Porcharita is a delicious alcoholic beverage comprised of 8 beers, 2 lime aids, a bag of ice, and a handle (or more) of TEQUILA! Mix it all together in a (clean, unused) mop bucket and you’ve got yourself one helluva afternoon. This was how we would spend our Sundays in the Summer. Fun times led to us saying “why not?! Let’s fucking start a band”

Martin didn’t know how to play guitar, but learned enough to write killer punk riffs. Helen usually drums in bands, but wanted to be the bass master this go ’round. I have never “officially” been in anything other than marching/concert band (playing the flute, and then the cymbals…occasionally the xylophone) so I opted for the only instrument I could begin to figure out: keyboard. While we wanted our friend Nichole to be our drummer, she has an awful case of stage fright so that didn’t work out. Our other friend Cassie played with us for a while, but is super busy with her other bands (and is primarily a bass player). Enter Ben who is our current (and mega bad ass) drummer…which is also fitting because years ago he first introduced our group to the yella drank we dubbed our band after.

Mix all of that together with some fast paced songs about boys, bitches, and pillow fights and you’ve got The Porcharitas, the band. We got together recently with our friend Dustin to record 4 songs to go on a 7″. It’s been a while since Vertical House Records has released anything, so it was a given that Get Wasted With the Porcharitas would become VHR-002.

We approved the test pressing so it will take a few weeks to press all 500 records, and a couple of weeks to get the sleeves printed, but maybe by my birthday I’ll have my very first vinyl in my hand! Huzzah! Here’s the first spin of the test pressing: