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Exhausted From Dreaming 13.01.

This past week has been draining. Every morning it feels as if I was up all night living out whatever intense dream that took over my mind. Dreaming has always been an issue for me. Occasionally, I have a blast with it and enjoy controlling them to work in my favor (I can jump over mountains! Travel the world in a blink! Swim to the bottom of the sea! FLY!!). Sometimes I will dream of things before they happen, exactly to a tee. Every now and again I have epiphanies which will lead to new ideas, projects, concepts, and ventures.

However, this week I’ve been stuck with the worst “kind” of dreams. Every single one has left me exhausted the next day. The dreams are so vivid, so bizarre, and sometimes extremely awkward. One night I was transported to a Porcharitas tour which was SO fun, but between playing shows every night, drinking, and sleeping in less than ideal situations, my mind woke up still racing. It felt as if an entire week of partying all happened in 8 hours. This week I also had foot races downtown, sailed a river in a refrigerator, fought with friends (this was sad), visited family on another planet (that wasn’t my family at all), ate clouds, survived a car accident, moved an island (LOST wha wha?!), and met some INSANE people.

I’m hoping this dreaming spell will break soon and I’ll be able to have fun dreams or wake up not remembering what the fuck happened in my head when my eyes closed. Happy Friday the 13th!