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The Porcharitas at The Black Owl 07.01.

A couple of night ago (on the 5th) The Porcharitas played our first out of town show at The Black Owl, in Florence, Alabama. Our friends Katie and Jamie (of The Pine Hill Haints and loads of other bands) own the screen print shop. They are SUPER talented in everything they do (music, design, printing, drawing, etc). Anyway, we were thrilled to play with some super fun bands (The Vignettes, William Stull, and Nightmare Boyzzz)…and to an audience that wasn’t made up of 75% of our close friends.

I brought my instax to the show and Andy was kind enough to snap some shots when we played. He also filmed three videos from his phone. I had a ton of fun, but it made me really itch to go on a tour. We haven’t been on a trip like that since the Year of the Gun tour. Luckily, all the band mates are into the idea of touring, so perhaps something will work out. If there’s a will, there’s a way right?!

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